Thursday, December 29, 2011

Villanella in Taberna

"Tuna Sonnet" below was written some time ago, and I have since been wanting to try an even more restrictive poetic type, the villanelle. Our house painter Chris brought us some beautiful ripe Haas avocados from his yard, and I was inspired.

Villanella in Taberna

Tequila served with salt - it makes me gripe.
The standards of most drinkers are so loose.
Also, avocados should be ripe.

Fruity margaritas are just hype
Of tourist traps that push their pricey juice.
Tequila served with salt will make me gripe.

Guacamole of a certain type
Looks like it was excreted by a goose.
Please. Avocados must be fresh and ripe.

Apparently it's hard to do it right.
Just liquor, lime, liqueur. Then call a truce.
Tequila served with salt? We purists gripe.

One must, in making guaca, be contrite,
Be honest, brave, direct. Make no excuse.
The avocados must be very ripe.

With life, as with bar food of every stripe,
Enjoyment of the finest will seduce.
Tequila served with salt? You'll need to gripe.
And avocados must be very ripe.

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